Key Words
Curved Raised panel Bar
42" High 81" Wide X 22" Deep
drop-leaf island
24dx34htx32w(drops down)52" with drops up
island cabinet
cabinet size 25x34htx49w top size40dx72wx1"ht
jefferson city island
cabinet size 25dx35htx49w. top size 40dx72wx1"ht.shown with buttermilk finish
fluted island
cabinet size 25dx32wx35ht top size 40dx56wx1"ht
open side island
cabinet size 25dx40wx35ht. top size 40dx66wx1"ht
reeded leg island
cabinet size 25dx49wx35ht top size 40dx72wx1"ht
open ends island
cabinet size 25dx49wx35ht. top size 40dx72wx1"ht
island cabinet
cabinet size 25dx32wx35ht. top size 40wx56wx1"ht
brookline mission island
cabinet size 25dx63wx35ht top size 40dx67wx1"ht
brookline mission island
cabinet size 25dx48wx35ht top size 40dx52wx1"ht
curved bar base and top
42htx81wx22d top 9htx72wx54d
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